Oh, What a Beautiful Baby!

People seem to think that 3D ultrasounds are only performed so that prospective parents can see pretty pictures of their babies, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  There are many variables that can be discovered when you have an ultrasound done.  Generally a 3D ultrasound will be done during the middle weeks of your pregnancy. There are very reputable facilities you can visit to receive a 3D ultrasound in Charleston, SC.

The Information it provides Your Doctor
An ultrasound provides your caregiver with some very important information pertaining to your baby.  While the test is being performed, the number of times your baby’s heart beats in a minute is measured to make sure that it is doing its job properly.  Where your baby is growing can be seen, which can been very important as the doctor needs to be sure it is inside your uterus. The size of your baby can be determined as well. This is important if your physician is not quite sure of your due date. The ultrasound can be extremely reliable in pinpointing a date. The other reason is to see if there is more than one baby.  Both of these are quite significant bits of information, and they can be beneficial in helping your physician to provide a better level of care.

You or Your Caregiver has Concerns
There are times when you obstetrician can become concerned or times when you may feel that something is just not quite right.  An ultrasound can check to be sure you have the right amount of amniotic fluid surrounding your child.  If there is a history, or you are an older mother, having an ultrasound can rule out whether or not your child has anything physically wrong with it.  This can aid your caregiver in many ways. For more information visit Bond with Baby 4D

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