One of Autism’s Most Common Therapies – Chandler ABA Therapy

One of autism’s most common therapies is ABA therapy, and it can be described as applying behavioral principles to modify problematic behaviors. In addition, ABA treatment focuses on developing social skills, communication abilities and teaching various life skills. However, the positive effects of ABA are not limited to modifying behavior but can also help with emotional development.

What is ABA Therapy?
ABA therapy, also known as applied behavioral analysis (ABA), is the primary autism treatment for children. It involves a trained professional spending one-on-one time with the child to teach certain skills using positive reinforcement and avoiding negative consequences.

It relies on observing the child’s behavior and reinforcing desirable behaviors to foster positive development. In other words, it teaches autistic children new skills by encouraging them through positive reinforcement and rewarding them for learning social cues.

This includes eye contact, joining games or activities with others rather than isolating themselves from others or not interacting at all, learning how to play with other kids their age, understanding what emotions are and empathy towards other people, and much more.

By putting the child’s needs first and understanding how their unique senses may affect their behavior, an ABA therapist can plan activities that will help develop skills to overcome them. For example, a professional will observe a child to understand the factors behind his or her actions and modify them by using positive reinforcement to make eye contact with someone else or attend school every day.

The goal of ABA is not to punish bad behaviors. Still, it teaches autistic children how they might feel if they show poor judgment and reinforces getting along with other people by following directions at home, school, or in social situations.

It also helps reduce anxiety due to repetitive behaviors; this has been proved by two studies that showed that applying positive reinforcement to autistic children led to decreasing self-stimulatory behavior. This means that ABA can be used in conjunction with other therapies for treating anxiety and repetitive behaviors. Find out more about Chandler ABA therapy, contact Pinnacle Autism Therapy.

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