Options for Trade Show Booth Rentals

Trade shows are big business and an effective way for a company to get their products, new and old, launched into the market again. Since it is such a profitable event for companies, they will want to take the best advantage of the opportunity.

Presentation is everything so the trade show booth rentals must be attractive, relevant and roomy enough for the consumer to move around in and look at the product. The color is also relevant because it is important to have something that is pleasing to the eye and blends well together.

Booth Design

The trade show booth rentals have a variety of sizes and designs, but it is always an enclosure. Usually trade shows are inside, but that is not always true. When a show is outside, the booth will, no doubt, be a different design and structure because it has to be rain-proof, wind-resistant and lighted.

The rental company will have a variety of booths available and options for the design, as well as the size. The product that is being display will partly determine the design and how best to place brochures, a mini TV or other accessories that will help make the display eye catching.

Booth Accessories

The trade show booth rentals will be similar to a large box. Parts of the sides will be open, but it’s more of an enclosure. However, there are still options that could be added. What about a banner over the top of the booth or perhaps an additional counter display to add to the area where product and brochures can be displayed?

Trade shows are about hype and excitement and having fun with the products. Therefore, it might be a nice addition to have a prize wheel in the booth so the consumer can win free product or services. Extra stands to place brochures and extra lights always come in handy to accent everything in the booth.

Color and Texture

The trade show booth rentals will have cloth as a back drop and maybe in other places, depending on the design and size of the booth. The choice or what color to use depends on a few things. Does the company have a predominate color? If so, that is the color to utilize. If the product has a predominant color, the cloth back drop could be a contrasting color for the best effect.

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