Options to Explore When Searching for Student Housing in Western Washington

If you are looking for student apartments near Western Washington University, know that housing units have been designed to fit the needs of students specifically. Here are four things to consider when investigating your options.

1. Floorplan

Some architects have designed two- and three-bedroom student apartments near Western Washington University to offer privacy and functionality. Look for a two-bedroom setup that separates the sleeping quarters with living space and that has private bathrooms. A three-bed unit can still be just as private, and it can be less expensive. Renting one that has a washer and dryer inside the apartment saves you time and money.

2. Features

Student housing does not have to be drab and all about studying. Many complexes integrate activity and socializing space into the main floor and grounds. When it is time to take a break, having a lounge area just downstairs is convenient, and it allows you to meet fellow tenants.

3. Health

An on-site gym will keep you physically prepared to handle college life and having access to a meditation room can calm busy minds and help foster a healthy mental attitude. Having the ability to play sports on the grounds, such as volleyball, is a fun way to let off some steam, stay active, and meet new people.

4. Rates

The more services the rent check covers, the better. Otherwise, you may have to find an internet provider, set up all utilities, and buy furniture. For more information on student apartments near Western Washington University that offers all these features and more, Lark Bellingham contact today.

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