Overnight Summer Camp: An All Day Adventure

When your child attends an overnight summer camp, he or she will literally be emerged into a world of adventure and fun during their time there. Many parents assume that summer camps are glorified sleepovers, but this certainly is not the case when you choose the right camp. These establishments are full of unique activities, fun trips, and encouraging leadership that will have your child feeling better than ever while having the summer of their lives. It’s truly like enrolling them in a non-stop, all day adventure they’ll never forget!

Morning Activities
At an overnight summer camp, the fun and activities begin right after the sun comes up. Typically, many camps use the morning for instruction-based activities like swimming, paddling, learning about camping, and more. At summer camp, your child won’t just participate in activities, but they’ll also learn the basics that go into what they’re doing. They’ll emerge a stronger swimmer, a smarter camper, and a more well rounded person overall. With instruction and assistance built into these programs, your child won’t even realize what a fantastic learning experience they’re getting because they’re having so much fun while doing it!

Pick Your Favorite
Summer camps always offer a wide range of activities to choose from. This will allow your little camper to really customize his or her experience while away from home this summer. They’ll be able to choose from activities ranging from fishing to obstacle challenges, and there’s a good chance they might even find a new favorite sport or activity in the process! Other popular choices include swimming, biking, hiking, playing sports and even sailing out on the water. Overnight summer camp is the perfect opportunity for a child to try new things in an instructional and encouraging environment, and many passions are born in the process! After all, you never know how great you can be until you try!

Coming Together
Once the sun goes down, campers are generally invited inside to share some community bonding time with other campers. Because of this sense of community and togetherness, kids are given an experience unlike any other. From hilarious games to storytelling and more, counselors exemplify leadership and knowledge during these special times. So if your child has been asking, take the next step. Look into getting more information on overnight camps in your area and give your child the opportunity to have one of the best summers ever!

Overnight Summer Camp – Camp Pathfinder has been providing boys age 7-15 with an unforgettable summer experience since 1914. With a wide selection of activities and programs to choose from, parents can customize their child’s camp experience to meet their needs.

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