Overview Of The General Electric CD Motor 407AT

One of the advantages of purchasing a DC motor is that they can be customized to meet the needs of a specific application. The physical aspects of the motor are designed to be uniform, and this is called the motor frame.

The standards set for each frame are set by NEMA, the National Electric Manufacturer’s Association, which is standard sizing in the United States as well as other countries. This includes the shaft length and diameter, the height of the shaft and the maximum total motor height, length, width and if applicable, the mounting foot size.

This allows for any General Electric DC motor 407AT to be interchanged with another that is also the 407AT frame. With this flexibility, the motor can have a higher or lower horsepower rating and speed rating but still fit within the given parameters. It is also important to note that other manufacturers offering a 407AT DC motor also use the same NEMA specifications, allowing for the interchange of different brands as well as different ratings for DC motors.

What to Consider

When choosing between the various options in the General Electric DC motor 407AT, different considerations play in the choice of one motor over another. The enclosure type is critical to ensure the motor is designed to work in a given environment. These enclosures protect from both water and debris, and they can be explosion proof for use in hazardous conditions.

Other factors to consider, include the mounting type, the temperature rating for the General Electric DC motor 407AT as well as the horsepower and speed rating.

In general, these motors are ideal for applications such as machining equipment, use with centrifugal pumps in food and beverage processing plants, for conveyor operation and for textiles equipment use and similar types of applications.

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