Overview of the Top 3 Teeth Whitening Products Offered by Dentists

If you decide to whiten your teeth, there are many options available to you. Many people who are serious about teeth whitening prefer to go to their dentist’s office for whitening treatments because they are much more effective and safe when administered by a qualified professional. This breakdown of some of the best whitening treatments offered by dentists today should help you understand what a dental professional can do for you in terms of whitening your teeth.

1. Zoom Whitening

This process is highly recommended for people with mild to moderate staining or yellowing on their teeth. The Zoom in-office treatment takes about an hour and can be used to whiten your teeth by up to six or eight shades in just one session!

These treatments are also offered by many dentists in a formula that can be used at home. These at-home kits from Zoom are still professional-grade whitening treatments and are available through your dentist. They include extra safety measures and custom fitted trays for the whitening solution, which makes them more effective than many drugstore whitening options.

This take-home option also provides special formulations for people with sensitive teeth, so don’t let that stop you from pursuing a whiter smile at home! These kits can also be used to keep up the level of whiteness you have reached after an in-office Zoom treatment.

Dentists recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned about two weeks before using a Zoom whitening treatment, so book your cleaning appointment with a dental hygienist today, and you’ll be one step closer to whiter teeth with Zoom!

2. Opalescence Whitening

Opalescence whitening gel, which can be obtained with the help of a licensed dental professional, is comprised of an innovative formula that is designed to adhere to your teeth and avoid contact with any soft tissue in the mouth. It comes in a variety of strengths and two different formulations for its take-home products: one made with Carbamide Peroxide and one made with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Opalescence’s in-office treatment formula, Opalescence Boost, takes about an hour in the dentist’s chair and with its 40% Hydrogen Peroxide solution can offer brighter teeth faster.

The home use option from Opalescence, Opalescence PF, uses potassium nitrates and fluoride to offer professional results using an at-home treatment suitable for day or night wear.

If you don’t know whether you have time for the home use option, Opalescence Go might be the choice for you. This treatment comes in pre-filled disposable trays and can be used anywhere. After wearing these trays for 15 minutes to an hour every day for five to ten days, you will see a progressively whiter smile.

3. Lumibright

The Lumibright Chairside Whitening system is designed to provide fast and effective whitening results with minimal sensitivity or side effects. There are a variety of different strengths of hydrogen peroxide and different flavors to choose from with the Lumibright system, which whitens your teeth quickly while you are sitting in the dentist’s chair.

The system comes with a De-sensitizing Enhancer, which is designed to minimize any sensitivity your teeth may feel during the whitening process. A gel is applied to the teeth, and depending on the treatment, may be light cured as well. This treatment can be applied multiple times until a shade close to the one you want has been reached.

Lumibright also offers take-home kits, so talk to an experienced dentist about which option best fits your needs and lifestyle.

Final thoughts

Not all teeth whitening treatments are offered by all dentists. If you would like to book a specific whitening treatment, seek out dentists that use the brand you would like to try after researching the different options available to you. Booking a consultation with a trusted dental professional puts you one step closer on the road to a whiter, brighter smile.

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