Packing Items for Storage in Baltimore

People often turn to storage units when they find they need more room in the home or they are preparing for a move. While storage in Baltimore can be of great help in situations such as these, items need to be packed carefully before being transported to the unit. Following are some tips to help as you pack.

Close All Containers

Although it may seem wise to leave open containers in storage in Baltimore, as this makes finding items easier in the future, doing so is a mistake. Make certain to fill every box, using peanuts and other filler materials as needed. To be able to find items quickly, create a master inventory of the storage unit and label each box individually. Keep multiple copies of the master inventory to locate items with ease.

Use the Appropriate Boxes and Packing Techniques

Reinforced boxes should be used for fragile items and items that are extremely heavy. This ensures the contents remain protected at all times. Also, learn how to pack various items to ensure they remain safe. For example, books need to be packed flat, like packing them on their side can lead to spine damage. Fragile items should be packed separately in protective paper and then place in a box with filler material.

Weight Matters

Pay attention to the weight of each box. The box needs to be light enough to lift easily. People often assume they needn’t worry about this because the movers can handle the weight. However, what happens when something is needed from storage and the movers aren’t there? Keep this in mind as you pack, so you don’t overfill any boxes and have problems in the future.

click here for more information on how to properly pack items for storage in Baltimore. Packing family heirlooms is very different from packing winter clothing, so take the time to learn how to properly store different possessions. By learning the various techniques, you can make certain items leave the storage unit in the same condition they entered it. S&E Mini Storage is here to help in any way they can, as your storage experience should be satisfying in every way. These tips are only one way they work to achieve this goal.

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