Paint Cabinets, Refinish Deck and Save Money

When summer arrives, home improvement projects move front and center on people’s to-do-list. If you’re of the same mind, then it’s a good idea to research a project that appeals to you. It doesn’t take much to get a real boost out of a home project and save money as well. For example, cabinet painting can save you more money than re-facing cabinets or replacing cabinets. The painting option makes your cabinets look factory new and the purchase of new hardware gives them the accents to finish the job. Due to your choice, the project won’t break the bank. Before you tear off your old cabinets doors or completely gut the kitchen, consider a paint solution. You can be surprised by the results.

Likewise, the wooden deck in the yard can be refinished and look fantastic for the whole summer long. If you want to start enjoying a new deck, you can reinvent the old one with a deck finish. A painting contractor denver can do what for many people is a fairly messy job with a minimum of fuss. Grunge and dirt on the porch can be removed with a washing process. A service can put down drop cloths under the deck to catch any stain dripping through the cracks. They can ensure the deck staining doesn’t get on the house by putting cardboard between the deck and the house.

For the best job, the painting contractor denver service you hire will prepare the deck for the finish. They’ll sand lightly and check for water content in the wood before actually applying the stain. They’ll wait for an optimum time both before and after the deck finish is applied before they go ahead with the deck finish. All in all, they’ll spend two days preparing and staining your deck. It dries at a reasonable rate, so you don’t need to sacrifice your deck for longer than a weekend. That’s much less time than it would take to tear out the deck and start from scratch.

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