Painting Helps Mainland US Kids Improve Creative and Cognitive Ability

As a parent, you know that encouraging your child’s creativity is key to their scholastic success and intellectual growth. If your child loves coloring with crayons, giving them a canvas and acrylic paint set could be the next step.

However, your child must be old enough to understand that they should not touch paint to their mouths; while acrylic paints are generally non-toxic, they should not be ingested. If your child puts habitually their fingers in their mouth, they’re too young for acrylic paint.

If your child is old enough to understand they shouldn’t eat paint, a canvas and acrylic paint set will make them feel like a real, grown-up artist.

The beauty of acrylic paints is that they are water-soluble, for easy clean-up. Also consider getting your child a painting smock or an apron, so that they can keep their clothes clean. While water will clean acrylic paint off of brushes and hard surfaces, once it dries, it’s permanent.

Not only does acrylic paint adhere to canvas, but many other surfaces as well, making them ideal for craft projects. With acrylic, your child can begin to create real works of art both of you can be proud of.

Creativity is natural to children, and hopefully, they won’t lose that creative power as they enter adult life. Painting not only aids the development of a child’s artistic abilities but their cognitive abilities as well.

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