Passive and active fire protection

Fire is something that no one wants to happen. Building managers will do everything in their power to see to it that a fire never happens in the first place but, unfortunately fires do happen and the next step to prevention is minimizing the spread.

Most people, whether they are homeowners of a building manager are well aware of what constitutes fire suppression; sprinkler systems, extinguishers, etc are considered active protection. Passive fire protection services in NJ are harder to identify, they are designed to contain the fire where it started, passive protection is “out of sight and often out of mind;” that is until the day they are called into play.

Despite the term “passive” these systems are always in play. Passive protection is the inclusion of building components such as the roof, walls, doors etc which have been designed and constructed to limit the spread of fire, transfer of heat or smoke from one area within the structure to another. The purpose of passive fire protection services in NJ is the protection of those in the building during an emergency, to reduce the spread of fire, to separate differing hazards and to protect the building systems.

The objective is to buy time to evacuate the people inside the building or to relocate them to a place of safety, these systems also give firefighters the time they need to evaluate the situation and conduct their fire suppression operations.

Active fire protection services in NJ on the other hand depend on the human or automatic initiation of a system which has been designed to manage a fire. When thinking of this, the average individual will immediately think of automatic sprinkler systems but there are also fire extinguishers, pumps and standpipes as well as foam or chemical suppression systems.

Those components that are used to detect a fire and notify people of a fires presence are not seen as part of the active system; however, the alarm system may initiate the active system. The passive component might be used to close smoke dampers, close magnetically held fire doors or shut down the central AC system.

Sprinkler systems are often at the heart of fire protection services in NJ, over the last 40 or 50 years the technology that is employed in these systems has progressed dramatically and as a result there has been a significant reduction in the loss of life and property.

Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. offer complete fire protection services in NJ. With over 16 years of experience the professionals employed can help you develop a comprehensive fire protection system for your home or commercial building.

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