Pediatric and Family Dentists Play a Huge Role in Your Child’s Oral Health

Just because your child’s baby teeth have only just begun to come in, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start thinking about taking them to the dentist and worrying about their oral health. It’s become apparent that early dental care can have a long term impact on the overall health of your child’s mouth and their future happiness.

The best time to bring your child to a dental appointment will be when their very first tooth erupts. While this might seem quite early, a few different things will be accomplished. Your child’s mouth will be inspected by a professional who will be able to see if there are any early indicators of oral health and developmental issues which will need to be addressed. The early appointments decrease the chances of your child ever experiencing the kind of anxiety that makes it nearly impossible for some people to get checkups at their Family Dentist Austin TX office.

When your child’s tooth erupts, you will want to check in with your family dentist. At this point, it’s likely that they won’t want the responsibility of caring for your child’s mouth, but it’s also likely that they will be able to provide you with the name of a dentistry that specializes in pediatric care that will be better qualified to work with your tiny tot. In addition to being really good with children and having tools better equipped to tiny mouths, the pediatric dental office will also be kid friendly. Not only will your child not develop a case of acute anxiety when it’s time for their next checkup, they’ll even look forward to it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your child to a pediatric specialist of if they have reached the age where they can be treated by your family dentist, you want to make sure their oral care is in the hands of someone you child trusts. It’s extremely important that your child’s pediatric and later their family dentist has a pleasant, laid back manner and gets along well with your child. One bad experience will be enough to make child fear dental work.

As important as making sure your child gets a minimum of two dental checkups a year, It’s equally important that you make sure they care for their teeth properly at home. This will be easier for you than it was for your parents because lots of fun and creative items have been created which actually make kids want to brush their teeth. Picking up some fun toothbrushes might cost a little more, but they go a long way towards making sure your child keeps their teeth clean and healthy. You also need to make sure you keep plenty of fluoride and tooth floss on hand.

Before setting up her family dentist Austin TX practice, Dr. Anne Lyon attended the University of Texas. Determined to keep her patients teeth as health y as possible, she works hard to continue her education.


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