Personal Injury Attorney Ottawa County Representation

Personal injury law is also known as tort law in the legal arena. Tort is from the French language meaning wrong. In the legal community tort is used to describe wrongful action that causes damages and injuries whether intentional or accidental. All cases of personal injury involve proving some form of negligence by an individual, company, manufacturer, or other entity. Any representation is how residents of this area who have suffered damages and injuries or the loss of a loved one get the compensation they deserve.

Monetary compensation is the only way the system has to reimburse people for their losses and/or expenses in personal injury cases. There is no way to compensate for severe disabling injuries beyond monetary compensation. This can include medical bills, pain and suffering, and damage to your property. Automobile accidents are the most common personal injury cases handled by lawyers.

Other types of personal injury can occur from dog bites, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, boat accidents, and any kind of accident where neglect can be proven and where damages and injuries are incurred. Personal Injury Attorney representation can help you or your loved one get the compensation they deserve for their damages and injuries.

Every case is different which is what makes the compensation vary from case to case. Some personal injury cases are easily settled out of court within six months to three years from the time the lawsuit was initiated. Other cases get drawn out for much longer and wind up being litigated in court before a judge and/or jury. You will want to choose a lawyer with ligation experience regardless of whether you wind up settling out of court or in court.

The biggest issue with personal injury cases is that many times before you can consult with a lawyer, the insurance company tries to settle with you. Once you agree to settle and sign the check they give you, it’s over and there is nothing you can do. They are only looking out for the best interest of their company, not you. Personal Injury Attorney Ottawa County representation provides you with someone that is on your side fighting for your rights.
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