Pest Control Companies in Federal Way, WA Explain How to Prevent Spider Bites

Spiders are everywhere. Regardless of how many measures a person takes to avoid these pests, they continue to appear. Although most arachnids are harmless, this does not mean all are, and most people don’t want to wait until they have been bitten to discover which is the case. Pest Control Companies in Federal Way Wa offer the following tips to prevent spider bites.

Never Crush Spiders

A person’s instinct when they find a spider on their body might be to crush it. Don’t make this mistake. It is best to brush the spider off, as bites typically occur when the spider is pressed against the skin or crushed.

Choose Clothing Carefully

Many families build a fire within the home or in a fire pit for ambiance and warmth. However, spiders love to live in wood piles as well as boxes. For this reason, a person should always make sure he or she is wearing long pants and a shirt with long sleeves when moving wood. Hats, shoes, and gloves are needed also. Do the same when cleaning a garage, barn, basement, attic, shed, or crawl space, as these are all areas when spiders love to hide.

Vacuum on a Regular Basis

Vacuuming the home routinely is of great help in preventing spiders from taking up residence in the home. Be sure to vacuum more than the floor, however. It’s best to get behind furniture, run the vacuum along the edges of the ceiling and floor, and around window and door frames. These are all places where spiders may be found in the home.

Discourage Spiders From Entering the Home

Any items near the exterior walls of the home are great places for spiders to live. Ensure there are no wood or rock piles around the foundation of the residence, and consider any plantings that will be near the home. They may be breeding grounds for eight-legged creatures. Clean exterior portions of the home with a broom regularly to remove any spiders or spiderwebs that may be present. Don’t overlook the eaves or foundation when doing so either.

Most spiders in the home are harmless creatures. However, this does not mean humans must share their residence with these creatures. Pest Control Companies in Federal Way Wa can be of great help in removing any unwanted guests in the home, including spiders. Don’t hesitate to call for help today to keep the family safe.

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