Pet Grooming: Part of Responsible Pet Ownership

by | Dec 6, 2018 | Pet

Every Alexandria, VA pet owner should know and perform routine grooming for their pets as part of responsible pet ownership. Dogs and longhaired cats need to be brushed every day. In addition, any pet who spends any amount of time outside needs to be checked regularly for ticks and fleas. Daily grooming helps to keep a pet healthy and also provides the opportunity for owner and pet to bond together in a relationship of trust and caring.

However, there are times when a pet owner will need to take the pet for professional grooming. A professional pet grooming service offers several benefits beyond what an owner can usually accomplish on their own.

One of the greatest benefits of a professional grooming service is trouble-free nail trimming. Although a pet owner can trim nails at home, it is often a much-loathed task. Professional groomers have the appropriate equipment, supplies, and expertise to cut a pet’s nails correctly and quickly, taking stress off of both pet and owner.

Anyone who has ever suffered from a terrible haircut understands the importance of having an appropriately trained and experienced barber or stylist. The same thing is true when it comes to trimming fur on pets. Though it is true that an owner can take clippers to a pet at home, the results are often disastrous. Most pet owners agree that when it comes to trimming a pet’s coat, professional grooming is more than worth it.

In addition to these benefits, there can actually relax a pet. Your groomer knows and understands the animal’s muscle groups and has been trained on how to massage the pet in a way that both relaxes and de-stresses the animal. In addition, this relaxing massage also helps to simulate the pet’s circulatory system, leading to better overall health.

Finally, professional pet grooming can alert you to certain problems. A groomer is trained to recognize skin conditions, ear mites, signs of parasites, and other problems that an owner may not notice. If the problem is something that can be taken care of by the groomer, it can be given immediate attention. If it is something that requires the attention of a vet, the groomer can make sure the owner is aware of the seriousness of the problem.

Even if you engage in regular pet grooming, you will want to have a grooming service for regular bathing, trims, and nail clipping. If you have a busy schedule and worry about whether or not you can get your pet to the groomers on a regular basis, you might consider a mobile grooming service that comes to your home in the Alexandria, VA area to take care of your pet. Grooming services that are professional and convenient are available for you and your pet.

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