Pick the correct kitchen countertop for you

When you are choosing a countertop, it is often a temptation to choose based on looks alone. There are other important factors when choosing countertops in New Holland PA; durability, maintenance and cost.

Pick the top that fits your lifestyle:

Everyone has a different lifestyle and only when they make an honest assessment can that make the right choice. A family with six kids who make peanut butter and jam sandwiches everyday would not be advised to pick white marble as their top,

The countertop choices available:

With so many different materials to choose from, even though you may have your heart set on white marble but the kids make it impractical, there are materials that mimic white marble.

* Granite is the top pick for countertops in New Holland PA. Granite is available in a wide range of natural colors; black, green, coral, beige and white are all commonly available. Granite can be had in a highly polished finish or soft and matte.

Granite costs are across the board, the common granites from China are inexpensive, whereas some of the granites from Italy are considerably more expensive.

* Engineered stone countertops are great. The stone is pulverized and held together with a resin binder, they are extremely durable and simple to maintain. Unlike natural stone countertops, they do not require sealing periodically. The cost of engineered stone is similar to the real thing, but it has advantages if you have an active family.

* Solid surface countertops New Holland PA come in a wealth of colors. When they installed, there are no seams, they are ideal for back splashes and tops. Small scratches can be buffed out, but as the material is a plastic, hot pans will burn and blister the top.

* Concrete countertops are coming into their own. There are many colors that can be arrived at using pigment and there are also several finishes. They can be trowel smooth or ground. Although concrete countertops have their place, it is not where there are major temperature changes; they have a tendency to crack under those conditions.

* Real wood countertops, similar to a butchers block add warmth and appeal to any kitchen. Scratches and mars can be sanded out and they are easy to clean. Water can damage the tops so they have to be maintained with oiling periodically to repel any water.

* The most affordable material is laminate. There are hundreds of different colors and patterns available, but beware, they burn easily the moment a hot pan touches them. They also scratch easily and the scratches cannot be buffed out.

Regardless of the material you choose for your countertops in New Holland PA, try to mix and match. Use one material around the sink area where there is a lot of water, and a different material on the island, which is usually a serving area.

Jemson Cabinetry is the source for many different countertops in New Holland PA. The company has been in business since 1984 bring fine cabinets and countertops to the people of New Holland.

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