Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Most kitchens are a high traffic area. When planning your kitchen remodel it is necessary to develop a layout that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Before you start the kitchen remodeling process, do your research and think about all your options for the space.

Kitchen Triangle

The Kitchen Triangle is a concept developed in the early twentieth century used to determine the efficiency of the kitchen layout for both function and aesthetics. If you draw imaginary lines between the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator, those imaginary lines should form a triangle. The idea is that these points should be close together so the kitchen will be efficient. Each leg of the triangle should be no longer than nine feet.

Counter Space

One important area that is often overlooked with a kitchen remodeling project is counter space. Try to provide as much counter space as possible in areas by the sink, cooktop, and next to the refrigerator. These areas are used the most.

Small Kitchens

Remodeling ideas for a small kitchen must address the limitations in counter space, storage, pantry, and built-in areas. With some pre-planning, small kitchens can be appealing. When deciding on options for a small kitchen try to keep the colors light to give the illusion of a larger kitchen, use free-standing furniture if there is not space for cabinets, and try not to waste any space.

Kitchen Designers

Many people will use a kitchen designer who will take your remodeling ideas and turn them into kitchen plans. The designer will look for structure and functional issues that may occur with kitchen designs and fix them before they become too expensive to correct.

Remodeling your kitchen in Parkland FL. can be a complicated process. A beautiful kitchen remodel takes time to plan and to do the work. Do your research upfront and your kitchen remodel will be exactly what you want.

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