Pop Up Trade Show Displays Get Projects Noticed

Projects and special types of presentations require the right additional features to provide that bit of extra pizzazz to any event. Pop up trade show displays, including the stands and the banners, make just the right impression.

While they can be used in the boardroom or to create a presentation for a client in any location, they are also a great addition to trade shows, exhibitions, fairs or demos and special events.

The Basics

Pop up trade show displays are not the basic indoor banner stands and offer many different styles and looks. The top designs and types of these displays will feature an aluminum frame, typically a folding frame that is very lightweight and easy to use.

There will also be lights that can be used to highlight the pop up trade show displays as well as all the materials needed to secure the frame. Additionally, there will also be the actual fabric that is custom printed with the images you select. Some companies also include podium graphics that are printed on a film and can be applied to any podium to customize the look.

The Shape

One of the important factors that really draws attention to these types of displays is the ability to create a shape rather than a flat background. There are pop up displays that curve, creating a depth to the background.

Other popular options include the standard straight designs, a wave design for a much larger serpentine shape as well as a gullwing shape that offers two panels that curve out from the middle.

For smaller types of presentation, you can still create a buzz using a pop up display that sits on top of a tabletop. These are ideal for sample or giveaway tables and add a very professional look to the table while offering maximum branding potential.

At New York Banner Stands we offer a full range of pop up trade show displays from small table top models to large serpentine and gullwing designs. To find out more see us online at www.newyorkbannerstands.com.

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