Possible Defenses Criminal Defense Attorneys Could Use for a DUI in Iowa

When a person is pulled over or causes an accident because they are driving while intoxicated, they know that they may be facing some stiff fines and punishments. Attempting to defend oneself against a DUI charge may be counterproductive. There are a number of effective defenses that a criminal defense attorney can mount to try to protect their client.

For example, a DUI defense attorney in Iowa City, IA, may try to prove necessity. For example, they may try to prove that a person had a to drive in order to prevent a greater evil. In this defense, the attorney will have to prove to the judge or to the court that the driver had no other options but to get behind the wheel in an attempt to prevent damages that were more serious than what could have potentially been caused by driving while intoxicated.

Another argument that a DUI defense attorney in Iowa City, IA, may use is duress. Duress is where an intoxicated person is forced to drive because they are being threatened with serious injury or death if they do not get behind the wheel.

A third option that a DUI defense attorney may use is entrapment. This is when an officer of the law entices or encourages a motorist who is intoxicated to get behind the wheel. The defendant will need to prove that they would not have otherwise been predisposed to drive drunk if not for the entrapment.

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