Practical Home Security Advice From Security Guards Who Know

by | May 30, 2013 | Security

With so many potential risks to your home castle, security guards in Oahu HI want you to know that there are as many, if not more ways you can make your home safe. Most of these tips require little or no effort on your part, and will result in a more confident home life, untroubled by the concerns that come with so many security situations today.

One of the most simple options out there that anybody can do, and which will reduce the likelihood of any criminal targeting your property for theft, is to simply stop talking so much about your daily schedules. Security guards in Oahu HI know that the dismissive announcements of a coming trip made at the local hair salon, or vacation plans that are casually mentioned on a lunch date with friends, are essentially announcements that your home, for such and such a day and time will be completely empty and exposed. This information, extended beyond yourself and into the hands of others who will likely be even more careless with the information than you were, can then potentially find its way to those who would look at your vacation as an opportunity for them to make themselves rich off your absence. Social media is also a huge potential risk, since announcements are commonly made in those avenues of everything down to the itinerary you will be following. Guarding the information is a first step toward guarding yourself.

Understanding the principal point of entry for criminals is also important. You may invest in the strongest door available and install it in the front entryway of your house, but that is one of the last places a criminal is going to want to enter your home. It is more often exposed to neighbors, traffic, law enforcement, etc, and is therefore more often a place to be avoided. Those same homes will often have much less reinforced doors in the back of the house, such as glass sliding doors, that will then be much more desirable entry points for criminals. Warning signs can be a useful first deterrent, but locked doors and especially armed alarm systems will do much more. This shouldn’t be limited to night either. A large number of criminals will take advantage of a family’s busy errands, school schedules, and work days to rob a home in broad daylight, sometimes even when you are home. Arming the alarm system is one of the most common sense practices that security guards in Oahu HI would recommend for keeping your home safe.

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