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Practical Tips for Choosing Shower Doors in Katy, TX

Posted By: Leah Austin

The right shower door can have a dramatic impact on a bathroom’s overall visual appeal and can even make space appear larger than it is. But, it’s important for homeowners performing bathroom remodels to learn a little bit about these essential fixtures prior to making a choice. Read on to find a few helpful tips on choosing shower doors in Katy TX that can help remodelers get the search started on the right foot.

Set a Budget

As with most remodeling projects, the first step when remodeling a shower is to set a budget. Most bathroom supply companies are willing to offer estimates, so it’s actually quite easy to determine what products will or will not fit that budget once it’s been set. This step may not be the most fun part of a remodeling project, but it is one of the most important of them, so don’t neglect it.

Consider Functionality

Although the right shower door will make a powerful aesthetic statement, its primary purpose is still to fulfill a distinct function: keeping water in the tub and out of the rest of the room. There are a few factors that influence how well a particular model will be able to function, including where the shower is located, what the walls are made of, and where the supporting studs are found. Answering these questions before starting the search will give homeowners an idea of the maximum weight their walls can support, helping them to narrow down their choices.

Available Space

Consider how much space is available in the bathroom and what the inside of the shower should feel like. Its layout will likely strongly influence what type of door will be installed, but if the homeowner’s goal is to make his or her shower feel more spacious, this goal should be kept in mind when looking at particular Shower Doors in Katy TX.

Personal Style

Once all of those practical concerns are out of the way, homeowners can start getting to the fun part: finding a door that perfectly expresses their unique, personal style. While clear glass doors are often featured in darker bathrooms that don’t have overhead lighting in their showers, those who are working with bright spaces often purchase milkier glass types that offer more privacy. Contact Lone Star Glass, Inc. to get started picking out the right shower door today.

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