Preparing And Cooking The Best Ribs

Whether you’ve been making BBQ ribs for years or you’re new to cooking this type of meat, there are quite a few recipes that you can try that will deliver delicious flavors that you want to enjoy time and time again. Before you begin making the best BBQ ribs Saint Louis residents enjoy, you need to get the freshest meat possible. Avoid freezing the meat as this can increase the water content as the meat begins to thaw, which can then lead to a lack of flavor once you begin preparing the ribs. You also need to think about the method of preparation. Grilling the ribs will give you the delicious crust on the exterior while leaving the meat tender. However, if you want the sauce or rub that you use on the meat to be infused, then consider baking them or putting them in a crockpot.

Try to remove as much fat as possible. When you serve the best BBQ ribs Saint Louis restaurants and residents have enjoyed, you want people to eat the meat instead of fat. Once this is removed, it’s usually easier to apply a rub or sauce as the ingredients will stick to the surface a bit better. If you’re making a rub, then you’re going to want to combine a balance of flavors that range from sweet to salty. Consider rubbing the ribs the night before and putting them in a baking dish that you cover, leaving them in the refrigerator overnight so that the flavors used can get into the meat. If you’re using a sauce, then you usually don’t need to leave it on the meat overnight as it can permeate the meat a bit faster. Cook your ribs slow so that they are tender and juicy instead of trying to rush the process as this can deliver tough ribs that are hard to eat.

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