Preparing for Your Gastric Bypass Surgery in El Paso

Choosing to undergo gastric bypass surgery is a major step toward mental and physical well-being. However, it can be extremely taxing, which means you need to take a number of steps to prepare for the big day. Gastric bypass surgery works by decreasing the size of your stomach and repositioning elements of your digestive system. Doing this prevents your body from absorbing the number of calories it did before. The surgery requires a recovery period. It also demands you make some changes to your lifestyle. To help you get ready for gastric bypass surgery in El Paso, let’s go over some steps you should take.

Prepare to Fully Commit Yourself

It’s your responsibility to understand the implications of gastric bypass surgery. This includes the risks, potential results and the commitment needed from you. It’s also important to consider you may still need to adhere to a weight loss program after the surgery. An assessment by your general doctor is needed to move forward with the surgery. In addition, you also need a psychological assessment to ensure your desire for the surgery isn’t based on other issues, such as stress or an eating disorder. It’s crucial you heed the advice of your doctor. The results of your gastric bypass surgery in El Paso highly depends on your commitment to working toward a healthier life.

Lifestyle Changes

The conditioning you do before the surgery plays a big role in the end result. This means you need to make some lifestyle changes. A team of professionals will provide some guidelines to aid in your preparation. This involves dietary changes and restrictions. The goal is to lose weight on your own prior to the surgery. This increases the percentage of postoperative weight loss. These lifestyle changes may be difficult, but they’re designed to increase the long-term success rate of your surgery. They also help to condition you for living a healthier life after your gastric bypass surgery in El Paso.

If you’re considering gastric bypass surgery in El Paso, visit the Memorial Weight Loss Center website to learn more about your options.

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