Prevent Insect Pests With Stump Grinding in Fayetteville GA

A tree stump may seem like an inconsequential object to human beings but to many species of insects, a tree stump is an open treasure chest. Stumps and their root systems are food and housing for pests such as carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and termites. Stump grinding in Fayetteville GA takes away this treasure chest for these pests.

Carpenter Bees

Although they do not eat wood, carpenter bees make their nests in wood. Soft, dead wood such as a tree stump provides a much easier place to make a nest than a live tree. Male carpenter bees do not sting, but females do. Anyone allergic to the stings of other bee species will be allergic to carpenter bee stings. The bees are particularly active in late spring and summer.

Carpenter Ants

Like carpenter bees, carpenter ants do not eat wood but tunnel into it. Carpenter ants prefer wood that has been damaged somehow, such as water damaged wood. If a stump is left in place it will eventually rot due to exposure from the elements, making it irrespirable to carpenter ants. The big problem with carpenter ants is that they are not satisfied with just living in the stump. They move to exploit any weak wooden parts of homes and outbuildings. They also come inside homes looking for food.


The worst of all pests to get are termites. They eat wood and tunnel through it. These totally blind creatures use scent to get around. They can scent rotting wood and follow it to its source. Trees have deep root systems which broadcast their decaying state in the soil to termites. Once termites are in a stump, they send out scouts looking for more food. Sooner or later a scout will find nearby sheds, fencing, and houses. Termite colonies are expensive to exterminate. Repairing their damage to homes and business is even more expensive. Getting a stump grinding now can save a lot of money later on.

A tree stump is food or housing for many pests, including carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and termites. Getting all tree stumps and their root systems ground by professionals like 770-Tree-Guy removes the chance of pests invading the yard and then outbuildings and homes.

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