Preventing Mold with Proper Moisture Control in Alexandria VA

For a homeowner, making sure the home is free of mold and other fungi are essential for the health and safety of those who reside inside. Mold thrives in humid, damp, and dark environments such as a basement or cellar. While many home moisture kits work well, they don’t always control and prevent the problem. One effective way for eliminating or preventing fungi is to practice tactics in Moisture Control in Alexandria VA. Being sure that the environment is absorbent will help diminish mold and other fungi problems throughout the home.

Types of Mold

There are 12 main types of mold that occur in a home that may be classified into 3 separate categories.

  • Allergenic- molds that cause and produce allergies or allergic reactions in an individual.
  • Pathogenic- Those who suffer from acute illnesses are severely affected by this type of mold.
  • Toxigenic- Molds that produce toxic substances that are referred to as “toxic mold”. This type of mold can lead to dangerous or deadly health conditions.


There are many situations that may cause mold to grow within the home. Following is a list of a few of the more common scenarios that arise for homeowners.

  • Leaky roofs
  • Clogged gutters
  • Flooded basements
  • Leaking bathroom or kitchen fixtures
  • Improper insulation
  • Overuse of humidifiers
  • Improper ventilation

As moisture collects on windows, poorly insulated walls or any other areas where the air is warmer on the inside than outside, causes mold to grow. It is very harmful to an individual’s health. The most effective way to prevent mold problems is to increase ventilation whenever possible. Increased ventilation may include leaving bedroom and closet doors open, ensure the dryer vent is working properly, and using a bathroom vent fan during and after showers or baths.

Mold Elimination

If an individual suspects mold, there are a few things that can be done to rid of the problem prior to contacting a professional.

  • Locate the mold
  • Rid of moldy materials
  • Dry the area
  • Seal the room where the mold is present
  • Use fungicide on any materials that may be salvaged

It is important to consult a professional who specializes in Moisture Control in Alexandria VA and mold removal to determine that cause of the problem and repair it to prevent any further issues. For more information on the different types of mold and their causes, Click Here.

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