Preventing Pests From Causing The Need For Roof Repair Service In Medford, OR

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Roofing Contractor

There are several things that could cause the need for Roof Repair Service In Medford, OR. Moisture is a problem that millions of homeowners have to fight. Excessive moisture can cause both shingles and the home to suffer from rot. Damage because of Mother Nature is another problem. All it takes is one severe thunderstorm to wreak havoc on a roof, and a homeowner can be out hundreds or thousands of dollars. Hail can also cause significant damage. There are also pigeons. These noisy birds can leave unsightly droppings and feathers all over a roof. The droppings are highly acidic and can eat away at shingles. The droppings can also attract other pests.

Since pigeon droppings can cut the life of a roof in half, homeowners will naturally want to keep pigeons off their roofs so they don’t end up needing premature Roof Repair Service In Medford, OR from A-1 Classic Roofing or any other service. The easiest way to deal with pigeons is to attach something they don’t like to the area they seem to be attracted to. Reflective strips and chimes work quite well. Anti-roosting spikes are an effective tool that keeps pigeons from comfortably landing on a roof. With anti-roosting spikes in place, the pigeons will look to a neighbor’s roof to roost. Anti-roosting spikes can be difficult to install, so a roofer might be required to do the job.

If the problem with pigeons has just started out and there hasn’t ever been a problem in the past, a long-term solution might not be needed. It’s best to try out some repellant gel to keep the pigeons away. The gel will usually last for a month or two, which should be enough to discourage pigeons from developing a habit of roosting on the home. If the problem persists, one of the more permanent solutions should be used.

Pigeons aren’t the only animals that can destroy roofs. Squirrels can do their share of damage too. For the most part, squirrels usually gain access to roofs by using nearby tree branches. Trimming trees that are near the home should be enough to discourage most squirrels. Trimming should also help to stop any raccoons from trying to use the roof to invade the attic.

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