Professional Daycare Services to Keep Your Dog Entertained and Happy

When you are away from home, you wonder how your dog is doing and if it is lonely and sad. You feel guilty about leaving it home all by itself.

Rather than lock up your dog alone in your apartment or home, you can keep it happy, entertained, and well provided for by taking it to a facility designed just for dog watching. With dog daycare UES, you can take business or personal trips with the peace of mind that your dog is being well cared for your during your absence.

Walks and Exercise

The staff at the dog daycare UES specialize in taking care of dogs of all sizes and breeds. They make it a point to walk and exercise your pooch several times a day during the time that you are gone.

Your dog will not be cooped up inside of a kennel or building. It will be taken out for fresh air and exciting walks around a neighborhood with brand new sights, smells, and sounds.

Your dog also will get exercise in the building with plenty of toys and other dogs to play with. It will be closely supervised to keep it safe and avoid getting into fights with other pooches, however.

Water and Food

Before you leave, the daycare staff will ask you what kind of food that you want your dog to be fed. If your pooch is on a special diet, you can leave behind a bag or cans of food that will be given to it during your absence.

Otherwise, the dogs left there will be given high-quality dog food that will keep them satisfied and healthy. They also will have plenty of fresh water to drink.

A dog daycare can entertain and keep dogs happy. You can take trips confidently knowing your pet will be well cared for.

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