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What is a Root Canal?

If the root and pulp inside a tooth is diseased or infected to the point that it cannot be saved, this often calls for a common procedure known as a root canal or Endodontists. A family dentist can perform this procedure since it has become almost as common as filling teeth due to cavities. A quick online search will display several Endodontics in Gilbert AZ who can successfully perform endodontic therapy.

Typically, the patient will begin having pain in and around the affected tooth, which can result in sharp pain since the root inside the tooth is a nerve and this can cause throbbing or shooting pain. This is often the reason a person may visit their local dentist.

Steps in the Root Canal Process

Many people hear the word, ‘Root canal’ and are fearful, but understanding the steps involved will often put a the mind at ease.

The first step is providing a local anesthesia. The patient not feel the procedure but after the numbing has gone away, may experience a bit of discomfort, which depends on the number of roots that need to be removed. For instance, a molar often has three root canals whereas front teeth only have one.

The next step is when the dentist isolates the tooth using a rubber dam and this will go over the affected tooth. This helps the dentist keep bacteria caused by saliva away from the tooth during the procedure.

Once the tooth is isolated, the next phase is accessing the cavity, which is done using a small dental drill to make entrance at the surface of the tooth where the root and pulp are. At this point, measuring the tooth’s length to ensure that the entire infected root is treated is also performed.

The next step is the use of small root canal files that scrap out and clean the pulp and diseased root inside the tooth. The dentist will often use several different files to entire the root is completely scraped clean.

Once the procedure is finished, the Endodontics Gilbert AZ seals the tooth where he or she made the drilling holes. This is done by filling the space with specialized material and then sealing the hole(s). The filling used most commonly is gutta percha, which is a rubber material that helps to fill in the void of the missing pulp and root.


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