Professional Insect Control in Pittsburgh for Wasps in Late Summer and Early Fall

Whereas bees are generally calm and not motivated to sting unless they feel threatened, wasps are notoriously aggressive. They land on a person who just happens to be sitting on a park bench or relaxing in a lawn chair, and sting for no apparent reason. Professionals who provide measures for Insect Control in Pittsburgh can help when property owners find a large nest of these bugs and don’t know how to handle the situation.

Late Summer and Early Fall

Wasps, a category of insects that includes hornets, do accomplish some beneficial activities. They help pollinate flowers, and they kill other bugs people don’t care for. However, a nest on the house or close to it usually should be removed. Especially in late summer and early fall, these insects become very active as they look for food. They bother people sitting out on the patio or deck, and they can get into the home too. Calling for professional Insect Control in Pittsburgh is a smart plan of action.

Dietary Preference Changes

One reason wasps are seen more at that time of year is the instinctive change in their dietary preferences. They start to crave sweet substances more than protein. That’s why they hang around people holding cans of soft drinks or glasses with adult beverages. They also are attracted by sweet-smelling shampoo and conditioner residue, and perfume and cologne. Fruit that has fallen in the yard is attractive to these critters too, so rotting apples and other fruit should be disposed of. People can set up traps with sugary water to lure the bugs to another part of the property, but that doesn’t address the underlying problem.


The aggressiveness of wasps increases now because the most recent group of female wasps born become queens in springtime. Homeowners often can prevent nests from being built around the house by killing any wasps they see in spring since those are the queens getting ready to start a new colony. If a nest does develop, the household can call a pest control service such as The-Beeman. Click here for information on this particular service.

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