Property Managers Guide to Tenant Screening

Selecting tenants who will ultimately be responsible for paying rent on time each month and keeping their rental units in optimal condition can be challenging.  For many landlords, this is a job best left up to professional property managers.  Miami property management companies put tenants through an extensive screening process to ensure they are making a good choice for your rental units.  There are several key steps to any quality tenant screening.

Criminal Background Check
It is always a good idea to put tenants through a criminal background check before allowing them onto your property.  Tenants should also understand before moving in that you are not going to allow any criminal activity on the premises.  This is a vital step in the screening process.

Verification of Employment and Income
It is not only important for the property management company to know the tenant has a job, but that job has to be steady and provide an income large enough to adequately pay the rent and utilities.  Bank statements are one option for tenants to prove they have enough money to cover the rent.  Pay stubs can also verify a tenant’s income.  It is not good business to rent to tenants who are always quitting their jobs or have unsteady income.

Past Rental History
Most property management companies ask for at least two years of past tenancy verification.  They may want to talk to previous landlords to see what type of tenant the person was to ensure they will not damage the home or skip out on the rent.  Tenants should have several reputable references to help back them up as responsible individuals.  When looking for property managers, Miami property management companies should not allow anyone who has a poor criminal background, no employment or income verification, or a bad rental history to reside in your rental units.

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