Protect Your Foundation With a French Drains Specialists in Orlando FL

A French drain is a drainage system that is built under a home so that the foundation of the home can be protected against water damage. It features a trench that is dug out and contains corrugated piping that helps to drain water. This drain system is crucial for keeping the foundation from becoming bogged down with water. By deflecting water away from the home, the French drain keeps the foundation dry and less likely to become damaged. With the French Drains Specialists in Orlando FL, homeowners can protect their biggest investment and prevent damages from occurring to their foundation.

Homes that have a wet and soggy yard or basement on a regular basis will find the installation of French drain to be a welcome problem solver. The main concept behind French drain systems is water always flows downhill. To make this drain system work properly, a trench is dug in a precise manner. The trench is filled with gravel to help ensure the water does not flow past the rock and into the ground. As the water moves downhill, it is collected in corrugated piping that features drain holes. The water is then emptied far away from the home so it does not affect the foundation or the yard.

The depth of the French drain system will depend on the type of water problem the home is having. If surface water is the only problem, a shallow trench can be dug. If basement water is a problem, a deep trench will need to be dug all around the home to make sure water is properly deflected away from the structure. The french drains specialists in Orlando FL will work to ensure the proper setup is created so the home’s foundation is properly protected from invading water.

If your driveway gets washed out after a heavy rain or your basement becomes a wet mess during storms, a French drain system may be your answer. For more information on this type of drainage system and how it can benefit your home, visit They are the drainage solution professionals who can help you to protect your foundation and keep it solid.

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