Protect Your Home From Hail Damage

It’s that time of year again when hail can become a problem. Underwriters and insurance companies pay out millions every year due to hail and wind related damages. Underwriters Laboratory has standard 2218 which describe the standards for hail resistance, and class 4 is considered to be the most resistant. The Underwriters Laboratory has tested shingles for impact resistance according to standard 2218 by the impact with steel balls. Depending on how well shingles resist impact damage, they will be rated from 1 to 4 with 4 being the most impact resistant. The four most likely states to receive damage are Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Nebraska; however, all states receive hail on occasion. That’s why Roofers PG County suggest the use of hail resistant shingles.

Hail damages the integrity of the roof by loss of granules imbedded on the surface, edge breakdown or in worse cases, by punching through the shingle. Whereas the test in the laboratory is satisfactory, real life variables such as wind, roof slope, and amount of hail hits, temperature and construction play a big part. When faced with any of these conditions the good people at Roofing Company PG County can inspect the roof for damage.

Some insurance companies offer discounts to the homeowner who has installed hail resistant shingles of the class 4 rating. Be sure to check with your contractor to ensure they use the six nail attachment over the standard three nail common on non-resistant shingles. Most contractors don’t stock these shingles, so special orders need to be placed as soon after the damage occurs. The cost of your shingles will be about 50% more than conventional shingles. These shingles have proprietary bonding systems depending on the manufacturer. They come in many colors and may be either three tab or architectural shingles.

Most shingles are warrantied either thirty years or fifty years. Your insurance agent will need to make a trip to your house after installation to verify class 4 shingles were used and photograph the roof for your policy. Once complete you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of your roof, you can have peace of mind that you have the best protection available.Roofers PG County.

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