Protect Your Home with Basement Waterproofing Systems

Water is a giver of life. Uncontrolled, it is also one of the most destructive forces on the planet. Whether in the form of a sudden flood or slow seepage over time, water in the basement of your house has the ability to destroy the basement, the foundation and everything you’ve worked so hard to able to enjoy. If you still owe money on the mortgage, it’s an even worse situation. Even if the mortgage is paid off, however, you’re going to have to start over because a house is only as good as its foundation. Don’t let this happen.

There are two approaches to basement waterproofing: call a professional or do it yourself. While some aspects (such as clearing clogged gutters and downspouts) do lend themselves well to the latter, a professional can diagnose the problem much more thoroughly with an inspection and determine the best basement waterproofing systems for a variety of problems. A seasoned professional can also provide foundation repair and mold removal. This last is something you absolutely do not want to attempt to do yourself. The bottom line is: weigh your options carefully but quickly, then call a pro.

If the basement is dry, that may be no less a reason to call for an inspection. Look through the papers that came with the house. If there is no evidence that it has ever been treated with one of several basement waterproofing systems, it may be at risk for future issues such as mold or even flooding.

The reasons for avoiding seepage and flooding are fairly obvious – wet possessions, a crumbling foundation and an unlivable space. Mold is more insidious. It is a complex organism and there are a number of different species. Some types of mold are actually dangerous to your health and that of your family. Now here’s the kicker: that faithful old standby, washing with bleach, isn’t sufficient to completely clean up basement mold. Go down there soon and sniff the air, or maybe some clothing that has been stored there. If you detect a musty odor, leave the room, close and lock the door and call a professional. Once the mold is gone and the basement is dry, you can begin using it again with confidence.

Armored Basement Waterproofing, LLC. provides basement waterproofing systems in order to protect your basement.

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