Providers of IPM Services in New Canaan, CT Reliably Keep Pests Under Control

The discipline of pest management and control has advanced steadily over the years, generally becoming more effective with each leap forward. An approach is known as integrated pest management, or IPM, for example, has proved to be the best way for many property owners to address some of the most common and pernicious threats.

Providers of IPM Services in New Canaan CT like Pauley Tree & Lawn Care Inc employ an approach that includes three distinct stages. Combining to cover everything required to keep pests controlled, the three phases of IPM all contribute in their own carefully considered ways.

A Better Way to Manage and Control Most Pests

Pest control often proves more difficult than might be expected, especially for those who fail to take it seriously enough. Many homeowners and others have experienced apparent success using over-the-counter products only to find every bit of pest control progress being lost not long thereafter.

The IPM take on the matter was developed with the goal of entirely ruling out such common problems. Companies that offer IPM Services in New Canaan CT see to three distinct needs for every client.

  • Inspection.
  • Knowledge is power, and not least in the field of pest control. Inspecting a property thoroughly will allow a pest control expert to spot any problems that have developed along with issues that could prove problematic in the future. Thorough, regular inspections set the stage both for concerted, specific pest control efforts and preventative measures that make subsequent problems less likely.
  • Identification.
  • As soon as signs of a pest problem have become apparent, it will then be necessary to delve more deeply into the details. Pest control experts will identify the species at issue and likewise pin down any related facts of importance. That will generally lead to the development of a management plan well suited to a particular situation.
  • Management.
  • Finally, informed action can be taken to control pests and keep them from coming back. While this third phase of the IPM strategy might seem the most important, it follows naturally from the preceding two in most cases.

Local IPM Experts are Ready to Help

Taking advantage of the proven power of IPM is within reach of any property owner in the area. Getting in touch with a local company that specializes in this type of service is all that it takes to get started.

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