Providing Your Best Care With Love and Luxurious Surroundings

Those suffering from cognitive decline and dementia need a special place where they can feel safe and loved. These people also need to feel active, needed, and important. Finding a place where you or your loved one can lead an enriching, engaging life, while still being safe can be a challenge.

Luxury assisted living in Palm Bay, FL, may be the answer for you or your loved one. Here, with the St. John’s river flowing nearby, is a memory care center designed for those who are battling with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive issues. Choosing to call this place ‘home’ means you will have a clean apartment, fresh laundry, and 24-hour assistance if you need it. It means so much more than just those basics, though.

Caring staff members work hard to provide activities that promote social interaction, physical fitness, and nutrition. It is a ‘whole person’ approach to memory care, with great results. Programs like music therapy have been shown to help with anxiety and give an overall sense of peace. Dining on fresh, locally sourced food is a culinary delight. There are therapeutic aids in place to ensure your loved one can enjoy the dining experience. Painting, exercise programs, and an enclosed garden area all provide wonderful, stress-relieving ways to enjoy your days.

Of course, luxury assisted living in Palm Bay, FL, would be nothing without a nice place to live. Apartment floor plan options allow you to choose the home that will best suit your needs. Each apartment has a personal bathroom and shower. There are circular hallways and visual cues to help your loved one find their home. A full-service salon makes it easy to keep up your appearance. There are plenty of stimulating activities, too.

Come and visit the website to see our luxury assisted living.

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