Qualities of a Top-Notch Call Agent

Many businesses both large and small, use call centers to handle customer questions and issues. This is an efficient way to handle daily operations and it makes a business look more professional when experts are answering calls for them. An effective customer service agent in a call center has many qualities. Look at three examples.

Excellent Communication Skills

A call center agent has excellent communication skills. This means the person speaks clearly and in an understandable way. The agent practices telephone etiquette by always being polite and making it a point to help the caller in the most efficient way. Excellent communication skills are an important qualification for call center jobs in Charletson.


Depending on the reason for the call, a customer may be upset about a transaction with the business the agent represents. Perhaps the person received a product different from what he or she ordered. Or, maybe an important delivery is late. A call center agent must have patience with these callers (along with all the others). This means not getting upset or offended.+ Instead, the agent must understand why the caller is upset and go about solving the issue.


A call center agent must be professional. Professionalism means showing up for work on time, serving each caller to the best of your ability, keeping a customer’s private information secure and being proud to do the work you do. Professional call center agents stand out in a crowd due to the way they conduct themselves. This can make a big difference for someone who wants to move up to supervising call center agents.

These are the main qualities necessary when pursuing call center jobs in Charletson. Of course, building experience with a variety of calls also contributes to a person’s success in this industry.

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