Quality Dental Restoration In Lacey WA Is Important For Good Health

Restorative dentistry includes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral diseases. A tooth that is decayed, chipped, discolored, cracked, or missing can be repaired with Dental Restoration in Lacey WA. An individual who needs restorative dentistry will receive a personalized treatment plan from their dentist to correct any of the teeth that need to be restored.

Restorative dental care does not have to be completed in one visit. A dental plan that is tailored specifically for a patient could take several visits. The dentist will also diagnose your oral health condition during regular visits, including X-rays or scans to analyze the teeth and gums.


There are a variety of materials that can be used to fill a tooth. Dental amalgam, composite resin, porcelain, and gold include the filling material that is used by dentists today. Amalgam dental fillings are dark and look like silver when they fill a tooth and could cause the tooth to appear darker in appearance.

Composite resin fillings are being used more frequently because the color can be the same color as the other teeth. This makes the filling almost completely undetected by the patient or others around them. Resin fillings are strong and are used for front and back teeth.


Dental Restoration in Lacey WA includes the use of porcelain or composite veneers that are tooth-colored. Veneers are attached to the front of a tooth with a cement or bonding adhesive. These thin porcelain shells are applied to the upper and lower front teeth and improve teeth that are chipped, cracked, uneven, or have large gaps between the teeth.


If a tooth or several teeth are missing, a dental implant provides a permanent solution. A titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone and a crown is attached to create the implant. Dental implants provide a natural look and feel. Implants stop shifting teeth and improves an individual self-confidence.

Improving your smile will improve your self-confidence and appearance. Replacing missing teeth or restoring the appearance of a damaged tooth will make you feel better when you talk or smile. If you want to improve your oral health and appearance, please contact Family Dental and Dentures.

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