Questions to Ask a Plumber in Los Angeles Before Hiring Them

Plumbers are a dime a dozen, especially in major cities like Los Angeles. All you have to do is conduct a Google search or open a phone book and you will see hundreds, if not thousands, of contractors and companies that offer plumbing services. So, how does a homeowner know which plumber to call for an emergency?

The following are some questions homeowners can ask a potential contractor or company in order to determine if they are the best individual or company for the job.

The first question to ask is what hours the contractor or company considers as regular business hours. Many plumbing contractors and companies have what they consider to be ‘regular business hours’. If a call comes in during this time it is subject to regular fees for equipment and labor. If a plumbing call comes into the office ‘after hours’, the homeowner will be subjected to additional fees for the service.

Some plumbers and plumbing contractors consider Saturdays to be ‘after hours’, while others have limited hours on Saturdays and Sundays. Homeowners so make sure they understand what hours and days the contractor or company considers to be regular business hours. This will help the homeowner save money, especially if the plumbing problem can wait until regular business hours.

Another question to ask a plumber in Los Angeles is in regards to how they charge. Some contractors and plumbing companies will charge by the hour, while others will charge a flat rate for a job. It is important to know how the company or contractor determines their rates and fees, as it will help homeowners avoid receiving an extremely high bill at the end of the project.

The last question that should be asked is in regards to what types of projects a plumber or plumbing company has experience in handling. While there is no specific specialty in the plumbing industry, plumbers and their companies do develop ‘unofficial’ specialties. This means they have more experience handling a specific type of situation, such as roots growing in the pipes or toilet leaks.

A homeowner will want to make sure they are hiring a contractor or company that has experience handling the specific situation that they have at home.

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