Questions to Ask When You Look for Moving Companies

Moving your entire household will involve a lot of planning and coordination. One way to save yourself the money and hassle is by hiring pros. Ask prospective moving firms the following questions to help you choose the crew that best fits the bill.

Are they local?

Get your search started on the right foot by looking for local moving companies in Gilbert. Local movers know the best routes to avoid traffic for faster delivery. They also know local regulations that might affect the delivery timeline.

What credentials do they have?

Does the company have a high rating from the Better Business Bureau? You’ll want to check for that before you consider engaging the firm’s services. Low ratings could be a red flag, one you shouldn’t ignore.

What services do you offer?

Not all moving companies will be a good fit for you. Check if the firm offers both residential and commercial moving assistance. Some only offer one of these options, so confirm that with the company before you get in touch. If you’re looking for specialized moving services—you need to move that heavy piano, for instance—be sure to check for that detail as well.

Do you offer packing assistance?

A lot of homeowners find it hard to pack up their belongings. Some don’t have the time. Others don’t have the skill, and some simply take too long. If you fall into any of these, then your time will be better spent hiring the services of a moving crew. Make sure you check out local moving companies in Gilbert that offer this service so you can get this in the bag.

With professional movers to help you along, you can expect a less stressful moving day. Ready to make that call? Let us know how we can help when you contact us at NewView Moving.

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