Quick Cash For your Home

If your to-do list for this year includes “sell my home fast Toronto,” Friendly home buyers can help you achieve that goal in record time. We specialize in swift, efficient sales that put cash in your hand within a few days.

Simple, Swift and Satisfying

Selling your home for cash in less than two weeks sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Here at Friendly home buyers, our four-step selling process takes out all the guessing work and common pitfalls. Here’s how it works.

Fill out our quick information form. We’ll call you back and get to know your situation as well as your goals. Do you need to liquidate a property and earn capital to pay bills? Are you trying to unload an unprofitable property of some kind? Whatever your situation, we can help you.

After speaking with you on the phone, we come out to the property in question so you can give us a detailed tour. During the tour, we get more info about you and your property as we stroll the grounds and perform an appraisal.

We generally make an offer on the spot, after our tour. Occasionally, we require additional time to do some homework. In these circumstances, we prepare a fair offer within a single business day.

After You Accept Our Fair Offer

Upon accepting our offer, we just need you to sign a purchase contract. We utilize a reputable escrow company to draw up documents that we all then sign. The signed documents ensure each party holds up its end of the agreement. This is done primarily for your legal protection.

Once the documents are signed, you’re welcome to pick a closing date that is most convenient for you. We’re happy to pace or expedite the process depending on your needs, constraints or desires. Call Friendly home buyers today and get most cash for your house in Toronto.

Address- 15 harrison court,Whitby,Southern Ontario

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