Racks Made from Extruded Aluminum

If you check out stock aluminum extrusions you will find a number of different types of racks. In fact, racks are some of the most common forms of extruded aluminum you will find. They have many uses and are found in a number of industries today. Here are some important things to know about aluminum racks.

What are Aluminum Racks?

Racks are made specifically for storage. In fact, they are commonly used to organize entire rooms or businesses, in a convenient and cost effective manner.

Where are Aluminum Extrusion Racks Used?

Stock aluminum extrusions are used to make racks for the aerospace industry and military. They are also used in a number of recreational and sporting goods. The automotive industry and manufacturing industries create racks also.

Aluminum Racks vs Steel

For many years, steel racks were preferred because steel is cheaper than aluminum. However, aluminum has many different benefits over steel racks. For example:

* Weight – aluminum is much lighter than steel. Aluminum racks are easy to handle and carry. In fact, one can carry several aluminum racks to equal the weight of one steel rack.

* Corrosion – steel has one major drawback, rust. Even when painted and sealed, steel will eventually succumb to rust. Aluminum on the other hand, is highly resistant to corrosion. This makes it the preferred metal for marine products, and racks which are placed out in the elements. Aluminum will keep its structural integrity for many years.

* Convenience – some steel racks are welded before shipping and this can create problems if the welds break during transit. Racks made from stock aluminum extrusions are simple to assemble and there are no welds to worry about.

* Shipping costs – when you ship products, you usually pay according to weight. Since aluminum is much lighter than steel, you can ship the same amount of racks for much less. When you save on shipping, this reduction can be passed on to the customer and will make your business more competitive.

Everyday Uses for Extruded Aluminum Racks

As you drive down the road you may notice a number of aluminum racks on the tops of cars, trucks and SUVs. They are not hard to install on roofs and trunk tops and there is no rust to bleed down into your vehicle paint. Aluminum racks are so easy to install they do not usually require a professional installation.

Ladder racks see a great deal of use in the military and private sectors. In fact, most contractors install ladder racks on their vehicles. Cargo racks see a great deal of use on vehicles as they can be made to haul hay, feed, bicycles, lumber and many other materials. Networking equipment is also installed on racks as are server computers. Thanks to stock aluminum extrusions, the world is a more convenient and cost effective place.

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