Range of Extruded Rubber Profiles

Extruded rubber profiles are available in different materials such as natural rubber. There is a significant difference between extruded rubber profiles and molded rubber products. The difference arises during the production process when the rubber that is uncured is placed in a selected cross section upon which and extruder exerts pressure. The product that has been extruded is vulcanized after this process within a vessel that has been subjected to high levels of heat and pressure. Extruded profiles are available in various diameters and lengths according to the size that is desired.

Considering how diverse industries can be in terms of what their needs are it is necessary to provide them with a wide range of rubber extrusion options to choose from. Silicone rubber extrusions are a popular option and they are designed to suit various requirements. The manufacturing process begins with concepts in the form of sampled designs and images that make it possible to provide what exactly is required.

The applications for extrusion profiles include sealing for high temperatures and gaskets. Extruded profiles are made from materials that are geared towards making them long lasting and resistant to the elements. The company has the ability to manufacture a wide range of extruded rubber products. Customized options are also available for customers who have specified needs or are unable to find the products that are suitable for their applications. The equipment used makes it possible to provide various products in a variety of shapes such as the popular o-ring, rectangles and squares.

All extrusions are designed to conform to the stipulated industry standards. The production is technologically advanced and it utilizes extrusion equipment that has the ability to cure or vulcanize different lengths of the rubber material being used. It is important for the customer to be able to find a cost effective solution to extruded rubber needs. Since the production process is effective and efficient this translates into affordability and a worthwhile investment for all customers who want extruded rubber profiles.

If a customer is not able to identify extruded rubber profiles in the range providing the desired dimensions and materials enables the manufacturer to create a custom product. Extruded rubber profiles are stocked for various applications. U Channels and P Profiles are the standardized options while a range of other shapes can also be availed.

Rubber extrusions are commonly used for sealing, controlling noise production, controlling vibration and aesthetic value. Custom profiles are the best choice for applications that are unique. Formulation capabilities along with innovative design options are combined to meet customers’ specified requirements and expectations of quality while ensuring that costs are manageable. The extruders are able to facilitate the production of a diverse range of custom profiles.

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