Ratting Out Rats Once And For All

Whether you’ve spotted a rat in the pantry or suspect an infestation in the barn, prompt and professional attention is critical when rodents take up residence under your roof. Capable of causing irreparable structural damage and carrying dangerous and infectious disease, learn to spot the signs of these pesky pests before damage turns into disaster.

At Dynamic Pest Control, we offer only the best of treatment solutions and make every effort to ensure that your home and family are safe. In an effort to educate our community, please consider the following tips and tricks to make sure that your property remains free from peril:

Spot The Species

A crucial aspect of extermination, the species of infestation will determine how and where we treat your home. Know the difference: Norway (also known as Sewer or Brown) Rats are stocky with short tails and tend to live and burrow close to ground level; alternatively, Roof (or Black) Rats are fantastic climbers and are known to nest in cabinets, walls, and attics. Keep an eye open for which variety your home is suffering, informing our techs forthwith to expedite treatment.

Identify An Infestation

Save damage and stave off disease with prompt recognition of an infestation. If you see holes in walls, chewed-through wiring, or nests and droppings, it’s time to take action. Imperceptible at first, even a small infestation can quickly become an utter invasion of home and health.

No matter the type or size of your rodent population, immediate treatment is critical to your home’s stability and your family’s health. From the first sign of entry, reduce your risk with a call to the Dynamic Pest Control professionals. Ready and eager to rid the Lakewood community of pests once and for all, we invite home and business owners alike to visit us online or give us a call at (732) 505-3277.

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