Reasons for Whipped Cream is Good with so Many Foods

There is nothing better on a cold, rainy, winter’s day than curling up in front of the fireplace; reading a good book, and sipping on a mug of hot chocolate with a mound of yummy whipped cream on the top. Whipped cream has been around for ages, and people actually used to make it in their own kitchens. It’s used for everything from pies and cakes to toppings for hot drinks and ice cream. You can buy it out of the frozen section of the store, in an aerosol can, or make your own at home with your very own stainless steel whipped cream dispenser from Gourmet Innovations. Have you ever asked yourself why whipped cream goes so well with so many different foods and drinks? Many people like to speculate as to why.

First of all, whipped cream tastes wonderful in a variety of drinks and foods because of the contrast of the cold and hot. The pie or hot drink you normally put the whipped cream on top of is usually hot and the whipped cream is exceptionally cold. The contrast is melt in your mouth delicious and you will want more and more whipped cream. Some people have even been known to eat whipped cream straight out of the bowl in the refrigerator, whether it was bought in the store or made in their very own stainless steel whipped cream dispenser.

Many people have even been known to dip their popcorn in whipped cream and hot chocolate. How’s that for a sweet, salty, and a cold tasty treat? Whipped cream has been around for a score of years, but no one seems to be able to trace it back to its beginnings. It is thought that the treat was “discovered” by someone riding on horseback. They had a can of milk with them and all of the jostling from the horse turned the milk into whipped cream. That, however, seems to be an urban legend.

Whether you buy your whipped cream from a store or have it in your very own stainless steel whipped cream dispenser, whipped cream is yummy and will hopefully be around forever.

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