Reasons SSDI Applicants May Need a Disability Attorney in Maryville

More than half of all applications for disability benefits are denied. Sometimes the denial can be overturned with an appeal. A disability attorney in Maryville understands the reasons why the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies claims and how to convince the agents to reconsider.

Suspicion of Addiction

Claims may be denied if the agents believe the applicant is addicted to alcohol or another drug that has caused or contributes to the disability. The criteria include whether the disability would have developed without the addiction or whether the disability would end if the person stopped using. A disability attorney in Maryville must learn why the agent has this belief about the applicant and successfully verify that this is inaccurate. This is just one example.

Noncompliance With Treatment

When a person with a disabling injury or illness does not follow the treatment prescribed by a doctor, administration representatives typically deny the claim. The lawyer must provide an acceptable explanation as to why the client has not complied with instructions.


For instance, if the recommended treatment would still leave the individual unable to work full-time, compliance may not be required by the SSA. The agents may also approve a claim if the person will not comply because of religious beliefs. Certain religions prohibit certain kinds of medical treatment. Devout followers may receive disability benefits in this case. There must be evidence that they have strictly followed their faith’s tenets for a long time.

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