Reasons to Call a Roofing Contractor in Newnan, GA Today

Like every other part of the house, the roof does need attention from time to time. To ensure it remains sturdy and capable of offering adequate protection, the homeowner would do well to call a roofing contractor in Newnan GA when certain circumstances come to pass.
Here are a few examples of times when calling a contractor makes sense.

When Was the Last Inspection?

It’s generally a good idea to have the roof checked at least once every two years. That’s true even if there are no signs of problems. Thinking back, the homeowner realizes that it’s been almost five years since the last inspection. Rather than letting things slide any longer, today is a great time to call a professional and schedule a complete roof inspection.

Shingle Fragments on the Lawn

The storm last night seemed to be unusually strong, so it really doesn’t come as a surprise that the homeowner notices shingle fragments littering the yard this morning. It’s hard to gauge just how much damage was done, but one thing is clear. The roof will need some help. Having a roofing contractor in Newnan GA inspect the roof is the only way to find out how much work is needed. In the best case scenario, the task will involve replacing the broken shingles.

Getting Ready to Sell the House

The kids are grown and the house is really more than the couple wants to manage alone. Now is a great time to put the house on the market and purchase something that is just big enough for two. Before contacting a real estate agent, go ahead and have a contractor take a look at the roof. If any types of repairs are needed, they can be made before the property is listed. Confirmation that the roof is in good shape and will last at least several more years is a selling point the agent can put to good use.

If there is any suspicion that something is not quite right with the roof, contact roofing contractor today and arrange for a professional to pay a visit. It won’t take long to determine if anything needs attention, how much the work will cost, and when the repairs can be completed.

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