Reasons To Choose Grooved Piping Products From Texas Distributors

In the oil and gas industry, as well as in many other types of industrial applications across the state of Texas, companies look for fast, effective and safe options in transporting materials. In the oilfields, various types of pipe and piping systems are used, with grooved-piping-and-products often the go-to option.

The Benefits of Grooved Pipe Systems

In applications where fast installation of the pipe is required, and where working conditions to complete welding, soldering and threading or working with flanged joints may be an issue, grooved piping systems are the ideal solution.

In these types of systems, the pipe is grooved on the ends, usually through machining or rolling processes. These grooves are universal in size and shape for the given pipe, and all grooved piping products, including valves, fittings, gaskets and other types of components are manufactured with the same groove pattern.

This allows the two components, the pipe and the fittings or valve to be lined up and then the use of a specialized coupling is used to seal the joint area. This is done through the use of a gasket that is customized to the grooves on the pipe and the grooved piping products to create a solid, durable and leakproof joint.

Not only are these joints leakproof and easy to install, but they can also stand up to systems under pressure. These factors are important to keep in mind as they are common issues in the Texas oil and gas industry.

Additionally, for joints where temperature changes may cause expansion and contraction issues, flexible types of couples can be used. These flexible couplings eliminate the need to use an expansion joint, while also providing a longer life cycle and reducing the need to worry about leaks due to pipe expansion and contraction.

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