Reasons To Choose Zinc Nickel Electroplating

There are many different industries using zinc plating for surface protection of parts and components. The automotive industry uses zinc nickel electroplating for a variety of parts due to the high level of corrosion resistance offered by the plating process. This is particularly important for any parts exposed to moisture and chemicals from road treatments and winter ice management programs.

It is not uncommon to find this same plating process used in the aerospace industry, where the high corrosion benefit and the ability to continue to perform even with high thermal shock exposure makes it a top consideration. Other industries that use zinc nickel plating include the production of electronic components, where the zinc nickel offers a comparable option to traditional cadmium. It also provides a high level of electrical conductivity, which is an important feature in this type of application.

The Thermal Shock Benefits

While corrosion resistance is always critical, zinc nickel electroplating offers high levels of protection from thermal shock problems with other types of electroplating options.

Parts plated with zinc nickel can be held at sustained high temperatures for hours, then go through a thermal shock process and not result in a drop in the corrosion resistance. This allows for longer part life cycles and improved performance.

Precision Plating

Experienced zinc nickel electroplating companies are able to provide the precision plating required to meet any industry standards and requirements. Even with thicker plating for more advanced surface protection, the uniformity of the plate distribution can be managed within tight tolerances.

The nickel content in these deposits is minimal, providing a bright and burn-free surface. The zinc nickel plating also offers superior adherence to the metal’s surface. An experienced company can finish large volume runs of parts and components through the plating process without any risk of blistering of deposits. Added together, these factors provide an efficient, effective and very reasonably priced plating option.

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