Reasons To Consider Motivational Humorous Speakers

If you want your next meeting or employee event to be more monumental, interesting and remembered, then you may want to consider motivational humorous speakers. You likely understand that it is important to ensure that your events are informative, but you should also find inspirational or motivating so that your guests remember the event and do better.

Mental Breaks

While you could always show a video or slide show to break the monotony of your meeting or event, nothing works better than a funny speaker. Groups of any kind can benefit from laughing, which can also help them improve sales or productivity or enhance safety.

Information is important, but when people have too much information at once, they tend to forget everything and “tune” out. Having a break to listen to someone who’s just talking with your group and not hounding them will allow your employees to process that information and be ready for more.

Handle Problems

Problems at work or in their personal life can be difficult for some to handle. However, a motivational speaker can help them realize that they can deal with almost anything, no matter how tough or challenging it seems. All industries have challenges or are going through big changes. Consequences of those changes and difficulties can include stress, fearfulness, anger and nervousness. However, a good humorous speaker can change all that, relieve stress and help them see the benefits of the change.


After the event, people are more likely to hang around and talk about the speakers you chose, especially if they were funny and good at what they do. Networking on a professional and personal level are both important so that your employees feel comfortable with each other and are more open-minded.


Any speaker worth his or her salt will be able to customize their speech to your event or group. If you have specific messages that you want to touch upon, they can incorporate them into their funny speech so that, while relaxing, your group is still in touch with the points you are trying to give them.


While prices will vary, you can usually find a reasonably priced speaker, especially if you choose someone who truly enjoys their work and not just a celebrity out to make thousands of dollars. Talk with the speaker, view their demos and find out how good they are before making a decision.

Motivational humorous speakers can customize their speech to your event, allow networking and help others handle their daily problems. Visit website of Doug Dvorak, CSP to learn more.

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