Reasons to Consider Seeing a Foot Specialist for Ingrown Toenails in Racine

Keeping up with the grooming requirements for nails is often challenging for people on the go. Toenails are often thick and hard to clip. Many people with circulation problems, diabetics and seniors with frail skin and limited mobility should always have their feet inspected and cared for by a foot specialist for ingrown toenails in Racine and other foot-related care.

How Do Ingrown Toenails Come About?

Ingrown toenails are common foot-related problems that are best left to foot experts to deal with rather than chance making the problem even more serious than it is. When toenails grow too long, they will often curl under towards the base of the toes. The nails will then dig and rub the tender nearby skin causing it to become sore and irritated. If the skin erupts in a rash or if the area is cut or rubbed raw, the person will be at greater risk for an infection and other dangerous problems.

Improper Fitting Shoes & Socks Can Contribute to Ingrown Toenails

The additional pressure of shoes and socks tends to make this situation worse. As the shoes, socks or compression hose continue to apply force to foot/toe area, the sharp toenails will be pushed into the skin of the toes creating pain and discomfort. Always wear good supportive shoes that are wide enough to allow wiggle room without causing rubs.

Where to Go for Ingrown Toenails in the Racine Area

Contact Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Center online.

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